What our clients say about Forth Pipe Organs

The following quotes have been provided by several of our clients. If you would like to read any of these references in their entirety please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide a copy.

“I have remained closely in touch with Jim Smail, David Page and the company and can confirm that they are not only held in high esteem for their work but valued for their readiness to go the second mile in ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. They keep in close touch with the organ fraternity, socially as well as professionally, meaning that they keep on friendly terms with their clients and that their ‘customer relations’ support the excellence of their work.”

Precentor (Director of Music)

“At all times they have shown professionalism, expertise and a wide knowledge of the multitude of areas in which organ builders have to be expert. They have often been willing to help in emergencies, even when the organ in question is not one they maintain. I am very happy to endorse their work and to commend them to you.”

Senior Lecturer in Music

“They (Forth Pipe Organs) are an excellent and reliable company whose high standards of workmanship have kept our organ in superb condition – a fact often remarked upon by the many organists who have enjoyed the wide range our organ offers.”

Minister, Church of  Scotland

“… it was time to completely restore the Brindley and Foster Organ. As this had never been done before we were completely in the hands of Forth Pipe Organs Ltd and as it turned out we had nothing to fear at all.”

Grand Secretary

“I started work as an organ consultant in 1964 and have worked with most of the major firms in this country. Having had frequent contact with almost all of them I can confidently state that I would be happy to recommend the placing of future contracts with Forth Pipe Organs Limited.”

Organ Consultant