We provide a variety of comprehensive services to our clients. The main services we offer are:

Tuning & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive tuning and maintenance service. All our tuners are fully equipped with a variety of well made precision tools and materials needed to provide the best possible service.


Forth Pipe OrgansWe offer our vast experience encompassing all types of instruments to carry out restorations.

When an organ is restored no alterations of the existing instrument (tonally or mechanically) are carried out, unless, after careful research there is an earlier design and specification that can be reinstated. The aim of restoration is to return the organ to a specific earlier state.

Any major reconstruction needed, including tonal alterations. The aim of a rebuild is generally to change the layout of the instrument and/or re-design the action, soundboards and casework. Much of the existing instrument will be replaced, but some original pipework and materials may still be retained.

Build & Design

Forth Pipe OrgansWe offer a pipe organ design and build service that combines modern techniques with traditional sensibilities. We take great care to deliver exactly what you request, while still offering our wealth of experience to guide you through the project.

Cleaning & Overhauling

This category includes:

  • comprehensive cleaning of the instrument;
  • overhauling of all types of soundboards and chests;
  • releathering of bellows and all types of pneumatic movements;
  • replacing old obsolete electric switch systems with new solid state systems;
  • repairs to pipework;
  • tonal alterations to replace existing damaged pipework;
  • new blowing plants and humidifiers installed.


As the building and maintenance of organs can be a tricky and expensive practice, we offer consultancy services to ensure you receive the best possible outcome of the project.

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